10 February 2008

Bullying definition by Corporation

Ok, well this will be an excersise for you to do a search on your company's internal website to find the wording that should exist in one of the company policies that relates to Standards of Behaviour, or there may be a written 'Harassment and Bullying Policy', if you don't have internal internet (known as an 'intranet'), perhaps you were given a 'new starters' pack, that has all the company recruitment information including all Policy & Procedure information you are required to know. If you can't find one, simply call your HR team and request they mail you a copy of the Company Policy that covers Standards of Conduct & Behaviour information, including OHS Policy.

Upon doing some research there is a general theme that appears in a Company Bullying Policy (and Harassment, which I will discuss in future), basically they are all pretty straight forward and spell it out in black and white as to what Bullying is, and that it is NOT TOLERATED.

Companies generally follow the general consensus of the definition of Bullying with following points that Bullying is ..

- Repeated, pattern of unacceptable behaviour, also an isolated incident is enough
- Carried out by psychological or physical attacks

- Intentional
- Not asked for, unwarranted
- Controlling by nature
- Hurtful, harmful, damaging
- Individual on Individual, or Group on Individual (eg; by exclusion)
- Direct or Indirect

So How Does Your Company Shape Up?
When you find your company's Policy you too may be relieved that there is such a Policy, and worded in such a way you will think '..there you go, [bully] is stuffed now..' and momentary relief overcomes you, validation of your experience that you get fired with ammunition to go straight to the Manager, or to HR to report the bully and buulying behaviour. Well, don't be too hasty to act impulsively as this is where politics set into play, people close ranks and you have a whole new ball game to learn, very quickly. Which road to take.

Definition alone, even if written by the hand of the HR Manager, will not help you in your time of crisis. Time to learn chess.

Please share by posting your companies (names excluded) Harrassment & Bullying Policies.

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