17 April 2009

NEWS - 497 weeks lost to workplace bullying in Luxembourg

The Mobbing asbl telephone help-line last year received a total of 1,760 calls from workers on the subject of workplace bullying.

The organisation also supported 320 of its callers by providing counselling. The figures were presented yesterday by the organisation's president, Joe Spier, at a press conference, and represented a 70% increase on the previous year's figures.

The majority (71%) of calls were from women and almost that percentage were aged 40 or older. Another interesting trend to emerge was that most incidents seemed to happen in small and medium'sized enterprises (SMEs). Also, bullying by peers, rather than by superiors, has seen a significant increase.

The organisation also said that a total of 497 weeks was lost to bullying last year.

Mr Spier called for a legal basis for the protection of victims and the punishment of the perpetrators.

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