05 June 2009

Agressive and abusive employees and how to handle them

Dodging Landmines

How to Handle an Abusive Coworker

Deal with objective data. Ed Muzio, President and CEO of Group Harmonics, suggests applying the "video camera test." Can you describe the person's behavior as though you're watching it on a TV? Once you can be specific you should approach the coworker in private and discuss ways to improve the situation together.

Coping with an Aggressive Employee

Fear and anxiety can make an otherwise rational employee overreact. Ed Muzio, CEO of Group Harmonics, says to stay issue focused when talking to them--avoid being emotional. Move the discussion to a productive environment so you can offer the employee information, help, and support.

Confronting a Manager who Undercuts your Authority

Ed Muzio, CEO of Group Harmonics, says to approach your manager in private with a specific incident and then turn the conversation into a discussion about how decision-making should work around the office. Although your manager has the ability to fire you, if you let the behavior turn into a pattern, it will get more and more difficult to change.

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