01 July 2009

ATTENTION ASSHOLE BOSSES! New Sid Citrus Videos on Bully-Asshole Bosses


Sid Citrus launches campaign to be crowned your King.


Rookie cube dweller Brett begins to suspect his new boss Sid Citrus is an asshole.

Orange Rebel Productions announces the launch of a new comedy web series, Sid Citrus: Asshole Boss, in partnership with inaugural corporate sponsor, The People Group.

“Sid’s goal in life is to be universally acclaimed by his peers as the King of all corporate assholes. Sid Citrus already stands head and shoulders above every other jerk boss out there,” laughs writer-director Fred Emmer. “Or rather I should say, he floats.”

Sid Citrus is an orange. A floating, philandering orange to be exact, who wears a tie, including Saturdays. And he’s not very nice.

“I laughed my head off when Fred gave me the script. I immediately knew we had to get this made,” recalls workplace consultant Kevin Kennemer, principal of The People Group. “That Sid Citrus, what an absolutely amazing jerk!”

The first three webisodes tell story of how rookie cube dweller Brett comes to realize that his floating orange boss is a bully and an asshole and that standing up to him can lead to lethal consequences, literally. “Of course Sid as a character and the story events are beyond farcical.” says Emmer. “But we actually are trying to say something.”

“The issues are real and I deal with them every day,” adds Kennemer, whose consulting practice specializes in helping corporations put people friendly practices in place. “Incivility in the workplace creates huge costs no company can afford to ignore. The effects of psychological mistreatment on the workforce is brutal and allowing it to go on is immoral. I think Sid Citrus makes the point with humor.”

Fred explains Sid Citrus’s origin. “A friend of mine had recommended Kevin’s blog to me and after reading a few posts I couldn’t believe how candid he was in condemning asshole behavior in the workplace,” said Emmer. “It hit me viscerally and I was thinking about his post as I strolled to the fruit bowl in the break room. Someone had left a sharpe marker by the bowl. Two minutes later, Sid Citrus was born,” stated the writer-director from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

One school of thought is that every organization should have one asshole. That might be okay if the asshole is kept around so their behavior can be used as a bad example, and if they are not too high in the organization. Kind of like an object lesson in assholeology. But most organizations aren’t that sophisticated. Inevitably corporate assholes wind up breeding like rabbits, eventually poisoning the entire organization.

“I’ve already heard it from my wife, don’t be a Sid,” says Emmer. “He’s not even real and he’s already helping me put a check on my own behavior. I hope we can spread this around,” states Emmer. “Don’t be a Sid.”


Doug decides he's had enough bullying from Sid Citrus and decides to stand up for himself. Sid's not too keen on that sort of behavior.


Brett discovers that helping a co-worker deal with an asshole boss can lead to lethal consequences.

Sid Citrus: Asshole Boss can be viewed at: www.youtube.com/sidcitrus
and at www.SidCitrus.Com.


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