29 November 2009

URGENT PETITION - Please Sign "Stop the TGA classifying our food as drugs" petition

Sign the "Stop the TGA classifying our food as drugs" petition now!

If you don't want vitamins and herbs to be availably only on prescription you better get signing. The first part of the Bill to do this was already passed in the US this year. This is Australia's attempt to do the same!

Australian residents only

This petition needs to be sent before the 30th of November as the TGA submissions close.

Please read the full article first, sign the petition, and then email the MP's and the TGA committee.

Please sign the petition at: http://www.healthpetitions.com.au/stop-the-tga-classifying-our-food-as-drugs

TGA moves to legislate food as medicine!

Hippocrates said "let food be thy medicine".

This did not mean that our food should be regulated as dangerous drugs that need to be treated as potentially life threatening!

Hundreds of years later the observation of Hippocrates still stands, yet the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) want to go one step further and class our food as a hazardous medicine similar to dangerous synthetic pharmaceutical drugs?

The TGA wants to do this by changing legislation that makes our food in capsule or tablet form a drug!

Does this mean that Kellogg's Special-K or shredded wheat cereals in a capsule could soon be a drug here in Australia?

Certainly such health products like Chlorella, Wheat grass, Barley grass and Spirulina will be soon classified as a drug if the TGA has its way!

Put simply, this petition is trying to stop the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration from legislating regulation which will term all food in a capsule or tablet as a drug or a Therapeutic Good (its still regulated as a drug).

This petition will be sent to the federal minister of health (Nicola Roxon) and the Assistant Minister of Health (Mark Butler). Your petition email will also be sent to the TGA's submission email address.


The Project Officer
Section 7 Consultation 2009
Regulatory Compliance Unit
Therapeutic Goods Administration

The TGA explanation is below:

In Australia, it has long been recognised that there is a legislative ‘interface’, or overlap, between foods and medicines for human oral consumption. As the food and complementary medicine sectors have evolved over recent years, a ‘grey area’ has unintentionally developed at this food-medicine interface. The confusion is due to certain areas of food legislation and therapeutic goods legislation overlapping in such a way that makes it difficult to determine which legislation should be applied in many cases.

The TGA says it is confusing trying to determine a drug from a food so they want to use a blanket approach to regulate all food and natural supplements as drugs, full stop!

Please read the petition carefully adding or subtracting any of the text at your convenience.

Sign this petition by filling out the form below. We'll include your online signature in a petition report delivered to Members of Parliament. As this is an Australian petition, it is open only to Australian citizens and residents. (* Indicates required fields).
This petition was sponsored by the Alliance for Health Freedom

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