22 February 2010

NEWS - UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown Investigated for BULLYING at Work!

There is a scandal brewing in the UK over Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his temper at Work. Claims have been made that his staffers at 10 Downing Street have called the UK's Bullying Hotline, to Brown hitting an aid, and that Brown has been placed under scrutiny in a Workplace investigation. At the same time the fall out has claimed victims, and National Bullying Helpline's Head Christine Pratt is also in the firing line.

Gordon Brown Bullying Row National Bullying Helpline Boss Christine Pratt Says Charity Had Calls
The head of an anti-bullying charity has hit out at Gordon Brown after revealing several Downing Street staff have called its helpline. Christine Pratt said she had "seen red" after ministers rallied round to deny claims in a new book that the PM had been warned over his treatment of staff.

Lord Mandelson said Mr Brown was emotional, demanding and impatient but not a bully after a new book detailed a string of alleged outbursts!!!!

But Mrs Pratt, who founded the National Bullying Helpline after being a workplace victim herself, accused them of failing staff by "going into denial".

I saw the Lord Mandelson statement that had a categorical denial that bullying was going on in Gordon Brown's office. I saw red.

Christine Pratt said: "I have personally taken a call from staff in the Prime Minister's office, staff who believe they are working in a bullying culture and that it has caused stress.

"We would have hoped Gordon Brown would lead by example. If an employer receives complaints they should investigate," she said.

She told Sky News: "I'm not accusing Gordon Brown of being a bully. I'm saying that our leader should lead by example and follow due process.

TORY LEADER David Cameron calls for inquiry into bullying row
David Cameron wants an investigation into the bullying allegations at 10 Downing Street.

Gordon Brown has denied that he is a violent bully after Andrew Rawnsley's book about him claimed he'd been investigated over it. .

Gordon Brown Denies Hitting Aide.

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