10 December 2010

COURSE - Sydney University - Psychopaths in the Workplace - 2011


The majority of psychopaths are not serial killers or rapists; they’re colleagues, bosses and employees found in workplaces throughout Australia. We’ll examine what a psychopath is, their personality style, behaviours, interpersonal approach and thought processes. You’ll learn how they infiltrate companies undetected and the strategies they use to manipulate those around them to achieve power and promotion. The four different types of workplace psychopath will be explored, and we’ll also look at what companies and individuals can do to minimise damage caused by the psychopath. (Warning: this course will include material that may confront some students.)

Course Content

  • Psychopath Characteristics
  • The four types of workplace psychopath – organisational psychopath; corporate criminal psychopath; violent criminal psychopath; and occupational psychopath
  • Tactics and Strategies used by each workplace psychopath sub-type
  • Workplace Psychopath – Good For Business?
  • Victims of the Workplace Psychopath – Protecting yourself and your employees
  • Profiling the Workplace Psychopath
  • A Case of Mistaken Identity

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