22 April 2013

TOOL - Signs of workplace harassment/bullying

Apart from the direct sign of complaints being raised, signs of workplace harassment/bullying may appear indirectly. These signs may not always be linked with workplace harassment/bullying and need to be considered within the overall workplace environment.
Indirect signs of workplace harassment/bullying may include:
  • changes in human resource management trends, for example:
    • increases in levels of absenteeism and staff turnover
    • increases in the use of employee counselling services
  • workers leaving the organisation reporting dissatisfaction with working relationships
  • negative results from organisational climate/worker opinion surveys
  • the breakdown of relationships between workers, customers or management
  • workers becoming withdrawn and isolated
  • poor worker morale and erosion of loyalty and commitment
Measures including a workplace harassment/bullying policy, complaint handling system, open communication and training and education can be effective in preventing workplace harassment/bullying from occurring.

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