07 November 2008

BAN Bullying At Work Day - UK

7 November is Ban Bullying at Work Day in the UK

The website devoted to the campaign, www.banbullyingatwork.com, stresses: "Workplace bullying is a silent disease affecting millions of people throughout the UK. Nobody is immune, so turning a blind eye or a deaf ear is no longer an option."

According to the mediation service Acas, bullying and harassment affect the dignity of one in 10 employees. They lead to increased levels of absence and staff turnover, as well as to reduced productivity and staff morale.

When dignity at work issues are not properly addressed and, for example, the distinction between strong management and bullying is not defined, then, Acas says, everyone suffers. Individuals can experience anxiety and depression, and employers can experience decreased productivity, higher levels of absence and an increased rate of staff turnover.

It is estimated that 18.9 million working days are lost to industry every year because of bullying.

Statistics provided by the Andrea Adams Trust indicate that out of 10,000 participants to an online survey, 49% of those who said they were being bullied indicated that their immediate manager was the bully. Even more worryingly, 47.8% of respondents stated that when they made a formal complaint, procedures were not followed correctly.

The Andrea Adams Trust's Founder and CEO, Lyn Witheridge, said: "With over four million employees expected to participate in a wide array of activities on 7 November, we encourage every employer to use the day to participate, as workplace bullying is now surely too costly to ignore any longer."


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