27 November 2008

RESEARCH - Bullying at work 2008: The experience of managers

Bullying at work 2008: The experience of managers (November 2008)
A follow-up investigation into 'Bullying as experienced by managers at all levels'

 November 2008
Authors: Patrick Woodman and Dr. Vidal Kumar
ISBN: 0-85946-486-5

Bullying in the workplace is a serious problem for employers. It can have a devastating effect on the individuals involved and impacts on those around them, affecting employee wellbeing, organisational productivity and costs.

Building on research published in 2005, this report further explores the impact of bullying upon managers. It assesses the extent to which managers, as individuals, have been bullied; the types of bullying that they observe in their organisations; and how effective policies can be used to support managers in tackling the problem.
Key findings include:
  • 70 per cent of managers have witnessed instances of bullying in the past 3 years
  • incidents are not just ‘top down’: 63 per cent of respondents observing bullying between peers and 30 per cent witnessing subordinates bullying their manager
  • 42 per cent of managers report having been bullied themselves
  • of those experiencing bullying, more than 1 in 3 (38 per cent) report that no action was taken by their organisation.
The report is based on self-completion questionnaires from 867 managers and leaders across the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Also available : Bullying In The Workplace : Guidance for Managers

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