12 February 2009

Famous Bully Moment for the world to see - Maybe this is a trend?

Is Christian Bale's Outburst Workplace Bullying?

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - Actor Christian Bale's 3 1/2 minute tirade of profane, degrading insults is the type of behaviour that is often described as workplace bullying, a disrespectful behaviour that is costing Canadian Companies $20,000 per employee per year.

"Workplace bullying is the use of power through aggression. It can only happen when businesses don't set clear guidelines about how employees are expected to treat each other," says Erica Pinsky, a workplace Bullying and Harassment Expert and author of Road to Respect: Path to Profit.

Senior executives often make excuses for bullying behaviour particularly when the disrespectful employee has power - like in the case of Christian Bale. "That is a recipe for workplace disaster," says Erica. "Bullying creates a toxic workplace and bleeds away company profits."

Erica advises adopting respectful people practices to become an Employer of Choice. Studies show that those companies are faring a lot better through the recession than their less respectful competitors. Build a respectful environment that will weather the current storm and become a great workplace that attracts - and keeps - top employees.

Erica Pinsky, M.Sc, CHRP, is an engaging and inspirational speaker, author and consultant working with organizations to build respectful and inclusive workplace cultures that attract and retain quality employees. Her Canadian clients include: Washington Marine Group, City of Vancouver, Bell Mobility, Canfor and the BC Teachers Federation. Erica has been featured in Business In Vancouver and Workopolis.com. She has been on the Bill Good and Gary Doyle Shows, as well as Niagara-At-Noon. Erica's book, Road to Respect: Path to Profit will be available in February 2009.


In further developments, the BBC Radio took it upon itself to air the tape of the 4min rant, naturally the outburst from Bale caused a fall out for BBC with complaints from listeners who were exposed to the volatile rant.

BBC airs unedited X-rated Christian Bale rant on breakfast show
'The BBC played an unedited clip of Christian Bale's expletive-strewn tirade on BBC Breakfast this morning, blaming a technical error.

Just before 7am, Breakfast presenters Charlie Stayt and Susanna Reid introduced the clip of Bale swearing at a film crew member. Producers cut the video short after a few seconds but only after the first "fuck" was broadcast to Breakfast viewers across the UK.

Viewers heard a shriek in the studio and the camera cut back to the presenters, who immediately apologised.

"An enormous apology. That was definitely supposed to be edited. We are very sorry. You won't hear that again. We do apologise," Reid said.

The BBC has received 54 complaints so far. Media watchdog Ofcom has also received a small number of complaints and is considering whether to investigate.'

Christian Bale rant:



Christian Bale apologises 'unreservedly' for Terminator set rant

9 Feb 2009: 'I was out of order beyond belief,' says Dark Knight actor of his tirade at director of photography on set of Terminator Salvation....calling it "inexcusable" and admitting "I acted like a punk".

Saying it was a 'bad day', and the guy he targeted was a 'giant', and rejects any notion of 'bullying'.
Radio Talkback take on it - Live Radio interview with Christian Bale following the fall out explains his 'potty mouth'.


Even in context of the type of work environment, and people involved, it was clearly rude, offensive and intimidating.

Bale was clearly running an angry rant.

He was angry, very angry, sounding frustrated, it becomes more heated as Bale gets so worked up and out of control, that he even threatens violence, and colleagues trying to step in and calm him down.

I doubt it was a PR stunt.

Bale says the 'situation' was immediately sorted out with everyone following.


I have met many victims who have said they wished they could have recorded the incidents, and some who have even pleaded with HR to have the workplace video recording device installed to capture the extreme bullying to no avail.

What I am interested in is the approach to capturing and outing Workplace Bullying and Harassment, can it be a new tool for victims-targets to capture and present to HR ? It may help speed up the investigation and obtain better outcomes for the victim. This is something I am keen to explore, the implications, privacy, protection of victims and offenders alike.

Today in the workplace there is video surveillance virtually everywhere, so what is the difference between the employer capturing video v's the employee? If we are living in an Orwellian world, why can't we all participate?

Recently I have come across an American who was being bullied who reverted to purchasing a Watch - Video Camera to record the attacks on him. There is also other equipment people can purchase to record 'outbursts' and bullying eg; video pen

I am interested in your feedback on following :
  • So is this an option for victims?
  • What would you do if you were HR and the victim came to you with a 'smoking gun'?
  • What privacy and legal implications are there?
  • Employer video surveillance v's employee surveillance.
  • What frame work could be implemented eg: Policy, legal?

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