13 February 2009

NEWS - Workplace to consult Union on Bully-Harassment Policy review

New staff policies for council

KEMPSEY Shire Council will implement new policies to ensure staff angst is appropriately dealt with.

At an Industrial Relations Commission hearing last week, council and the United Services Union (USU) discussed issues which had been affecting some staff members since last August.

General manager Allan Burgess said issues between staff and some areas of management had been resolved amicably.

“The commissioner, John Stanton, heard the six grievances and the matters were fully discussed,” he said.

“Council has undertaken to improve its internal communication process and introduce some new policies to ensure more clarity when dealing with staff issues.”

The USU, representing the six staff members, said it too was happy with the outcomes of the hearing.

I’m pleased our members had the opportunity to present their issues to the commissioner and have their concerns heard and be treated with compassion,” USU organiser Narelle Rich said.

“The commissioner provided both parties with some excellent opportunities to improve the consultative mechanisms available to the Union and council, in particular, allowing regular weekly access to its members in an effort to avoid this situation arising again.”

Council and the USU are currently investigating a joint initiative regarding bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Shire to look at Cittaslow concept

KEMPSEY could become one of the first towns in Australia to embrace the Cittaslow concept.

Cittaslow is an Italian concept developed through the slow food movement and encourages communities to take time out and think about the future direction of their town.

It aims to introduce policies that nurture the distinctive features of town and its surrounds.

Kempsey Shire Council has invited the mayor and chief executive of Alexandria Council in South Australia to address a public meeting on Cittaslows next Tuesday at 3pm.

Alexandria Council administers Goolwa, is the first town in Australia to embrace the Cittaslow concept.

The meeting will be held in the council chambers.


Slow Cities in Australia : After Goolwa, there are two other towns - Katoomba, City of Blue Mountains

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