28 May 2009

Dirty Jobs & Mike Rowe .. take on real jobs

... and now

DIRTY JOBS is a program on the Discovery Channel in which host Mike Rowe is shown performing difficult, strange, disgusting, and/or messy occupational duties alongside the typical employees.

Mike Rowe talks about the myth of ‘doing what you love’ and examines the way America has devalued work to the point where we have huge infrastructure needs and a shortage of skilled workers.

  • passion, effeciency v's effectiveness
  • team work & determination
  • safety v's getting it done

'It's brilliant and I agree with him. We get so caught up in looking for that perfect job, that perfect career, the perfect boss or perfect career path, that we've forgotten the value of hard work. It's twenty minutes long, but well worth your time. Watch it.' Evil HR Lady

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