02 October 2009

Racism, corruption, cover-up: NY workplace mobbed targeted individual fights for her life

Mobbed TI Robin Pugh-Perry fights for life
The once rising star in the world of government agencies, Robin Pugh-Perry is proving that she is a workplace mobbed, targeted individual (TI) due to racism, corruption and cover-ups.
Now fighting for her life, Pugh-Perry is again a rising star, now as a woman representing the plight of thousands of Americans struggling to survive extremist persecution including forced unemployment by covert, organized, mainly government agency or government funded agency workplace mobbers.

This covert workplace violence has increased since the signing of the Patriot Act that seemingly gave government agencies and select employees the right to persecute targets with immunity and impunity.

Research into the workplace mobbing phenomenon was pioneered as early as the 1980s by German-born Swedish scientist Heinz Leyman who borrowed the term from animal behavior due to it describing perfectly how a group can attack an individual based only on the negative covert communications from the group.

Ongoing retaliatory harassment including deprivati

Pugh Perry may have been at the Mercy of the Mob but now, this modern day “David” is up against the “Goliath” known as the City of New York Human Resources Administration (HRA) with a staff of over 16,000.

An employee of the government agency’s IT arm, Management Information Systems (MIS), Pugh-Perry is the survivor of a long-term and ongoing campaign of retaliatory harassment rooted in ongoing corruption, deep-seated racism where there is no viable mechanism for oversight she says.

Pugh-Perry’s explains that her plight began in 1994 and has everything to do with being a black woman and affiliated with the David Dinkins administration.

"HRA’s Management Information Systems is, and has always been a bastion of white privilege and entitlement in the historically and predominantly white and male computer industry," states Pugh-Perry.

In a series of firsts, 1990 brought New York City’s first black mayor, first black female commissioner of HRA, the first black head of MIS, and Pugh-Perry as first black female IT liaison to any commissioner.

A rising star up to that point, Pugh-Perry’s career was effectively over after Dinkins and his appointees stepped down in 1993.

Pugh-Perry was subsequently appointed to Director of MIS Inventory Systems.
After reporting massive problems with the inventory, in what has become an all too common response in such cases, MIS management stripped Pugh-Perry of her position.
After Pugh-Perry filed an internal EEO complaint, she was blackballed from employment while MIS management misrepresented the true status of the agency’s multimillion dollar inventory on each audit since 1996.

Suppression of agency damning evidence

Managers at the City of New York Human Resources have worked with political partners, including the EEOC and District Council 37, to suppress the damning evidence found in Pugh-Perry’s EEO complaints, including her 2006 EEOC complaint which was initiated in part because Pugh-Perry was brought under investigation for alleged acts of official misconduct.
She was subsequently denied a written explanation and final disposition of the charges against her.

The error laden right-to-sue letter Pugh-Perry received from the EEOC in 2007 upon the dismissal of her 2006 complaint led to the recent June 2009 dismissal of her EDNY court case.
Pugh-Perry has a case pending in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and awaits a response from her September 2009 letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder requesting: 1) a new right-to-sue letter based on the EEOC mishandling of her 2006 complaint, and 2) the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the many civil rights and civil liberties violations she has endured to date.

Pugh-Perry was dropped from payroll on April 2, 2009, the same day she was to have undergone reconstructive ankle surgery. She is now without income and prescription benefits.
DC 37, the administrator of her prescription benefits plan, refuses to file a grievance on her behalf, also typical in workplace mobbing cases.

Targeted individuals typically workplace mobbed out of career

Workplace mobbing is increasing across the globe, particularly in government departments or government funded agencies, (eg health,education and social welfare occupations), according to Dr. Linda Shallcross, director of Workplace Mobbing Australia.

Shallcross offers support for mobbing targets and provides an online survey to expedite help.
Unlike Australia and European countries, awareness is slowly growing in the U.S. and Canada about the darker side of work and the devastating effects mobbing and bullying have on self, health, organizations and society.

With new surveillance technology including government databases in the hands of mobbers, once a target is mobbed, typically this target is blackballed from all work in their field.
Since 2001, three conferences on workplace mobbing have been organized in California, Massachusetts and Iowa.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality established the first anti-mobbing policy in the U.S. Efforts to add new anti-mobbing legislation are under way in California, other states, and in Canada. Several new Internet self-help and advice groups and websites address specific professional groups or aspects of incivility at work.

Pro-action in the filed of workplace mobbing around the world includes a 2002 major international conference held in Australia. In January 2002, France enacted an anti-mobbing law. Quebec province in Canada adopted anti-harassment/mobbing legislation. Columbia enacted anti-harassment legislation in February 2006.

"In the aftermath of the Columbine and other school shooting tragedies, the media has increasingly discussed bullying in the schools, thus also raising awareness of adult bullying/mobbing in the workplace," states the mobbing research pioneer, Dr. Heinz Leymann, an industrial psychologist and medical scientist with an M.D. in psychiatry.

UK Anti-bully pioneers Andrea Adams and Tim Field used the expression workplace bullying instead of what Leymann called "mobbing" although workplace bullying nearly always involves mobbing in its other meaning of group bullying.

Who are most typical targets of workplace mobbing?

According to Shallcross, workplace mobbing targets are typically:

  • Change agents
  • High achievers (sometimes with public recognition)
  • Enthusiastic (eg those who volunteer)
  • Those with integrity  
  • Whistleblowers
  • Known for their commitment to human rights


  1. bullying thrives in the South Australian public service.
    If you do not want to be bullied do not work for the South australian public service.

    If you are a bully and you have no empathy and you enjoy hurting people, ruining the lives of people, and you are a practised devious liar, then apply to work as a Manager, Supervisor or Team Leader - because bullies are the preferred model in the South Australian public service.

  2. I have also experienced bullying in the South Australian public service. I finally sustained physical injuries when one of the bullies changed my workplace setup in full knowledge of my disability. When I tried to make a workcover claim the claims manager, a notorious bully searched my medical records and threatened to reveal my childhood sexual abuse.

  3. Hi Robin, please look up information on group stalking as well. www.gangstalkingworld.com, www.multistalkervictims.org, www.freedomfchs.

    Thank You,

    Erica Gilmore
    Santa Barbara,CA

  4. Hi

    I can identify with Pugh-Perry due I file complaint against T-Mobile USA in 2006 and the EEOC stall my case and the other who also complained about racial discrimination they encounter in the EEOC did nothing but lie on ongoing basis. I have been black balled and my phone has been tap and emails monitored and I ofter feel like I'm fighting for life. TMobile USA harass me and brought out my attorney Brian Landa (Landa Law Firm)in Dallas Texas. T-Mobile is the Mob... The curruption that take place at the EEOC is so hard to believe due to in this day time you would think agency that is their to protect your civil rights is not.



    1. preach been there going through that!!

  5. I have experienced workplace mobbing with a male / female pattern the fake employees kept trying to push on me, in Ajax, Ontario Canada, where an undercover organization seems to have taken over the town. Most of the people are wearing prosthetic face masks and body suits to cover their real identities, yet still blend into the public. This group coerced me to leave my job using various psychological tactics within the workplace, unlike any normal day to day things you experience normally, and now this organization seems to have locked me out of the workforce all together, in order to drain my finances. They have their own people walk by and talk out loud various comments based on what they are doing to me. They know where I am at any given time, to the minute.
    When I worked at Horn Plastics in 2007 in Whitby Ontario Canada their people slashed two of my jackets hanging on the coat rack and one of the fake employees said to me ' if I tell anyone I will burn my bridges '. People from this organization have made comments towards me such as, ' they are going to ruin him ', 'they are going to mess up his mind ', ' just go all the way through to the end of it ', ' we make them like robots ', ' that is not all you are going to learn ', and so many other comments signifying what they are doing to me, and many comments made by them they make happen later on as I have experienced, showing a process I am being subjected to. I have seen look alikes of family, friends and relatives in their own homes, just like a guy from statin island in new york experienced as well, to the detail as he also talks about his parents, relatives and friends being look alikes and took a picture of his ' faux ' father and ' faux ' mother, as he called them since they were look alikes of them who have replaced the real parents, relatives and friends. So, some organization has totally inundated my life and every aspect of it, not to mention the odd other person, for whom their details of their experience line up exactly to what I experienced before reading about their experience. I have experienced for the last two years electronic harassment in the form of directed energy weapons or microwave weapons pulsing my body and trying to simulate a false heart attack on me, as well as voice to skull technology(v2k), which is known on the internet as others are experiencing it. Whoever this is microwaves my abdomen causing extreme amounts of stomach acid, microwaving my heart, toe nails, eyes and so forth, like electric shock on my body. They put electronic voices into my head to mess my thinking and character/personality up using voice to skull technology. This is being done in Ajax Ontario Canada, and has been occuring for the last two years. I phoned the police asking them if they knew of electronic harassment and they said no, yet this organization has their own people as police to cover up all of this. The electronic harassers have even made me walk around downtown Toronto from Ajax for 50-54 hours without sleep, the whole while using voice to skull technology into my head making me hear death scenarios of my family, friends and relatives. The electronic voices at first are as loud as someone in the room talking to you, so you naturally think it is someone of authority, yet they would tell me to stay home from work when I was on my way out the door to work and keep me up without sleep for hours and hours. This could be the FBI, but I am not sure, but I do know it has to be an organization with resources as the whole town in flooded my more people than this town would normally have, especially at times during work hours when only the odd vehicle would be on the road.