06 March 2010

DISCUSSION - When does robust behaviour turn into bullying?

Please note this may be considered a 'biased political piece' leaning towards Brown.

The row over claims that the chief of the civil service warned Gordon Brown over abusive treatment of staff has sparked a debate about bullying. Observer policy editor Anushka Asthana asks bloggers how big a problem it is.
An open an interesting discussion.

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  1. I think we have to be careful as to what we label 'bullying'. Bullying is repeated, unwanted, unjustified behaviour that has a detrimental effect on another person's health and wellbeing. If someone 'lashes out verbally' at anyone, then they are not exhibiting bullying behaviour as it isn't targeted.

    Workplace bullying is still widely ignored and discounted - and we just hear comments like "it's tough management" or "harden up".

    The more we stand up against bullying, the more the bully has trouble continuing in that environment. Bullies survive when there is collusion and it is the collusion that we need to address first.

  2. Hi Linda,
    You are correct that we must remind ourselves the actual definition of 'bullying', which this video did not.
    I posted it as an opposing piece as I admit that this is an ill edited mishmash by The Guardian, (who are considered Left Leaning). To anyone watching it seems confusing as they don't really address the question 'When does robust behaviour turn into bullying?'.
    There was a clear opening with Steve Toft, but it took a left turn, with Justine Roberts introducing a dialectic away from bullying and the Gordon Brown issue to a focus on Internet behaviour in how people express opinions... Katie Price and other role models behaving badly! It was clear that she had not grasped the definition of Bullying, or rather it seemed she was put in the video to sway away from the reality of the issue, clearly seen when Anushka went off the track with Ed Barker talking about Soccer referees!
    Therefore I have re-labeled the above noting the perceived political biased in their mishmash video, potentially aiming to take the heat away from Gordon Browns behaviour.

    Cheers, Cath

  3. Hi Linda,
    I am also placing your website link to my links so people can find out about your workshops in NZ. Cath