13 March 2010

School Bullying Resources

I came across a few good examples of how Governments are addressing School Bullying, The Australian ACT Government has this resource available on their website.

I also found the below online course on School Bullying ....

The ABCs of Bullying
Addressing, Blocking, and Curbing School Aggression

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At one time, school bullying may have been viewed as a "rite of passage" which built "character." Today, however, it's no longer regarded as just something that happens during playground routines.

Educators, health and mental health practitioners, parents, and community members are realizing that bullying is a serious problem that can lead to more severe long-term problems for individuals and communities. Some experts believe that bullying should be considered a special form of child abuse-sometimes called "peer abuse," the cruelty of children to each other.

This course examines the causes and effects of bullying, prevention techniques and programs, screening, treatment options, and legal/ethical issues surrounding bullying.

Who Can Use This Course

This online course is designed for professionals in education, health and mental health, and related fields, including social workers, school counselors, school nurses, teachers, and principals. Quizzes at the end of course modules allow course participants to gauge their learning against course objectives.

What Is Covered in This Course

The term "bullying" refers to a broad range of bullying behaviors that include physical, verbal, sexual, and other psychological actions such as intimidation and continual threats.

Research indicates that, in general, victimization rates decrease with age, but rates of bullying, while starting in elementary school (or earlier), peak in middle school, and may continue in high school in different forms. Because this course focuses on prevention, particular attention has been given to the problem of bullying in elementary and middle school. Prevention materials are intended for students in elementary through high school and for community-wide use.

The Resources section includes publications, telephone hotlines, Web sites, videos, and other materials that provide additional information on school bullying and other topics relating to violence. Listing of these resources is provided solely as a service; it does not constitute an endorsement by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). SAMHSA is not responsible for the content found in these materials.


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